International Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs 2018-11-11T17:15:08+00:00 Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia Open Journal Systems <h2><strong>Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (IJCUA)</strong></h2> <p>ISSN 2475-6156 (Print) &nbsp; &nbsp; ISSN 2475-616 (Online)</p> <p><em>The International&nbsp; Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (IJCUA)&nbsp;</em>is the interdisciplinary academic, refereed journal which publishes two times a year by&nbsp;<a href="">Anglo-American Publications LLC</a>. IJCUA brings together all the theories, manifestoes and methodologies on contemporary urban spaces to raise the understanding for the future of urban planning. Overall, IJCUA aimed to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the built environment. Thus, it reports on the latest research findings and innovative approaches, methodologies for creating, assessing, and understanding of contemporary built environments.</p> The Substrate and Urban Transformation. Rome: The Formative Process of the Pompeo Theater Area 2018-11-11T17:15:08+00:00 Cristian Sammarco <p style="text-align: justify;">The city is an organism that has been transformed through continuous modifications of its form. In these transformations we can find traces that remain and organize the successive urban aggregates over time. The case that will be proposed is the one of the urban fabric formed in the area of Pompeo’s theater, in the Renaissance district of Rome. Through Saverio Muratori’s studies on the urban history of Rome and the new archaeological discoveries, the formation of residential building on the remains of the ancient building until its specialization was analyzed. The role of the substratum, evident in this case study, shows how spontaneous architecture attests to the great forms of the past, and reuses them in every era, transforming and reinterpreting them. In this way the city is so eternal reuse of its forms, its paths and its materials.</p> 2018-10-18T17:14:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Effects of Built Environment Landscaping on Site Security: Reviews on Selected Shopping Centers in İstanbul 2018-10-14T16:28:07+00:00 Gökçen Firdevs Yücel Caymaz <p>In recent years, the global increase in security concerns made it inevitable to develop new action plans in planning processes. Security concerns come with the necessity of considering building architecture processes together with environmental and landscape design processes. This study aims identification of which measures can be taken into account safely built environment design. It was made a safety checklist which can be adapted for every open spaces. Five shopping malls around the İstanbul were evaluated and some result have been achieved for their site security.</p> 2018-10-14T16:28:07+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##