Editorial Team


 Dr. Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia, Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University, Alanya, Antalya, Turkey. hourakhshahmadnia@ahep.edu.tr   / +90 506 189 99 66

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. José Manuel Pagés Madrigal, University of Genoa, Italy

jose.madrigal@guc.edu.eg   /  +20 109 723 16 50

Dr. Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd, Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University, Alaniya, Antalya, Turkey

rokhsanehrahbarian@ahep.edu.tr   /  +90 506 189 99 77

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr. David M. Simpson, University Of Louisville, USA

Dr. Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Alaattin Kanoğlu, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey

Dr. Gehan Selim, Faculty Of Engineering And Physical Sciences, University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Daniel Foroughi, Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey

Dr. John I. Gilderbloom, University Of Louisville, USA

Dr. Ayşe Sirel, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

Dr. Taeg Nishimoto, Victoria University Of Wellington, New Zealand

Dr. John Morrison, University of Kentucky, USA

Dr. Alev Erarslan, Istanbul Aydın University, Department of Architecture, Turkey

Dr. Daniel Jang Wong, RAIA, University of Bath, UK

Femi Emmanuel Arenibafo, Girne American University, Turkey


International Editorial Board members

Dr. Satish Sharma, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Dr. Evren Ulkeryildiz,  Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa Üniversitesi, Alanya, Antalya, Turkey

Dr. Enamul Choudhury, Wright State University, USA

Dr. Shahin Keynoush, Girne American University, KKTC, Cyprus

Dr. Yu Hung Hong, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, USA

Dr. Iñaki Echeverria, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Thomas Bryer, University of Central Florida, USA

Dr. Siqing Chen, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr, Harold Takooshian, Fordham University, USA

Dr. Jieling Xiao, Birmingham City University, UK

Dr. Wilson Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Dr. Elizabeth Aitken Rose, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Christopher C. M. Lee, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA

Dr. Francisco Gomes, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr. Jerri Killian, Wright State University, USA

Dr. Shamila Ahmed, University of Westminster, UK

Dr. Daniel Warshawsky, Wright State University, USA

Dr. Justyna Karakiewicz, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Shyamala Mani, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India

Dr. Elisa Lega, University of Brighton, UK

Dr. Martina Klett-Davies, University of London, UK

Dr. Paul Loh, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Aykut Karaman, MSGSU , Altınbaş University, İstanbul, Turkey

Abdulsalam I. Shema, Department of Architecture, Cyprus International University, Turkey

Dr. Timothy Onosahwo IYENDO, European University of Lefke, Turkey



Production Editor

Siepan Khalil, Girne American University, Cyprus

Husam Husain, German university in Cairo, Egypt



Dr. Emre Gungor, Alanya HEP University, Turkey

Batuhan Yildiz, Girne American University, North Cyprus, Kyrenia, Turkey 


Harry Jake Wadsworth, Girne American University, North Cyprus, Kyrenia, Turkey

Cover Design

Deren Raman, Girne American University, North Cyprus, Kyrenia, Turkey



Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs has an international editorial board of eminent experts in different disciplines of architecture and urbanism from Turkey, USA, UK, Germany, India, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, Egypt, Malesia, Lebanon and Switzerland. We are confident that the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs will attract a great number of editors, eminent scientists in the field. The process of editorial board selection will be based on the activities of the editors and their desire to contribute to the development of the journal. Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs provides a platform for academics and scientists professionals to refer and discuss recent progress in their own area of speciality. 

For more information regarding Editors’ and Reviewers’ duties, please see: Publication Ethics