CrossMark Policy

CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative that provides a standard way for readers to access the official version of an article or content. By using the CrossMark logo, the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs is committed to maintaining its published content and alerting readers to any changes that may occur. Clicking on the CrossMark logo will give you information about the current status of the document and any additional publication-related details. The CrossMark logo applies only to the current and future issues of the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs and is limited to specific types of publications. There are twelve accepted types of "updates" within CrossMark, as listed below:

  1. addendum
  2. clarification
  3. correction
  4. corrigendum
  5. erratum
  6. expressions of concern
  7. new edition
  8. new version
  9. partial  retraction
  10. removal
  11. retraction
  12. withdrawal


For more information, please visit the  Manuscript Preparation Guidelines, and Reviewing Procedure of our journal.