Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, Vol.1 No.3, 2017

Special issue on Climate Change Adaptation


Published: 2017-12-28

Solar Radiation Projections of Cmip5 Models for South of Brazil

Elison Eduardo Bierhals, Dr., Francisco Pereira, Dr., Claudinéia Brazil, Dr., Elton Rossini


Interrelationship between nutrients and chlorophyll-a in an urban stormwater lake during the ice-covered period

Kejian Chu, Dr., Yuntong She, Dr., Jeff Kemp, Dr., Mark Loewen, Evan Davies, Dr.


Membrane Permeability Threshold for Osmotic Power Plant Efficiency

A Berger, Dr., A Lebrun, S Khan, Q Masson-Pilet, A Supizet


Evaluation Rainfall Regime at the Hydroelectric Power Plant toward Climate Change

Francisco Pereira, Dr., Elison Eduardo Bierhals, Dr., Jose Leandro Neris, Matheus Rippel, Claudinéia Brazil, Dr., Luciane Salvi, Nei Marçal


Quality Evaluation and Study of Ecological Toxicity of Heavy Metals in Shadegan Wetland

Samar Mortazavi, Dr., Mohsen Tizhoosh, Dr., Zahra Cheraghi, Dr.