Peer Review Statement

This journal operates a strict double-blind peer review process for all research articles. The goal of this process is to help the editor make informed decisions and, through communication with the authors, to improve the quality of the papers. During the double-blind review, both the authors and reviewers are kept anonymous. The average review period lasts for 8 weeks.

The Peer Review Process:

The submission process begins when authors submit their manuscripts through the journal's online platform. The Editor-in-Chief initially screens the manuscript to determine if it is suitable for the journal. If it is, the Editor-in-Chief assigns a Section Editor who will oversee the rest of the review process and provide a recommendation or decision to the Editor-in-Chief. Based on the reviewer's comments and the Section Editor's final opinion, the Editor-in-Chief decides to accept the paper, accept it with revisions, ask for resubmission, or reject it. If accepted, an acceptance letter is sent to the author and the manuscript is sent to production. If revisions are necessary, the authors are given the opportunity to update their manuscript and resubmit it for further evaluation. In the event of rejection, a rejection letter is sent and the manuscript is archived.

The next step is for the manuscript to be edited by the Copy Editor, who ensures the manuscript adheres to the correct referencing system and journal style and layout. Once this is complete, the Layout Editor takes over and formats the manuscript into an article, adding necessary links and preparing it in both PDF and HTML formats. The final step is for the Proof Editor to review the manuscript and confirm it is ready for publication.

The review process involves multiple independent reviewers, none of whom are aware of each other's identities. If the decisions of two reviewers are not the same, the Editor may assign additional reviewers. The editorial team takes care to maintain the objectivity and quality of the reviews and will assign additional reviewers if there is any doubt regarding their objectivity. The manuscript submission and the peer review process are broken down into the following steps:


For more information please see:  Journal Policies