CALL FOR PAPERS Volume 4 Issue 1 Deadline for papers: 30/ June/2019


As the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs, it is my pleasure to invite you to share your studies from the portal of journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs (JCUA). JCUA is an interdisciplinary academic and refereed journal, which publishes two times a year by Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa Üniversitesi. Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs brings together all the theories, manifestoes and methodologies on the contemporary urban affairs to raise the understanding for the future of urban planning.


-Contemporary urban issues ranging from politics, sociology, crime, strategies, immigration and international labor migration, urban sprawl, new urbanism and rapid urbanization). Housing studies (quality of life, livability, responsive environment and etc.)

- Urban ecology, morphology and growing concern on sustainability.

- Emerging cities / Infra Habitation (Gated communities, Slums, and Affordable houses).

- Revitalization, regeneration and urban renewal.